The girl of South Africa towards love reached in Hafizbad, Pakistan.


The South African girl and Pakistani boy are going to get marry after one week.

HAFIZABAD: The South African 23-years old girl namely Zahara Winzal and 19-years old Pakistani Student Noman Afzal after the friendship in contract with facebook, were fallen in love.

When the South African girl Zahara was reached then Noman’s parents and his relatives showered flowers petal on hers’ car and warm welcomed to her. Friendship of F.A student Noman Afzal was held with Zahara before one and half years ago in contract with facebook, after itt relationship between both of them was increased, so hence the invitation of Noman Zahara was converted into Muslim religion out of sight Christianity, later the friendship of Noman and Zahara was changed into love, and recently Zahara was reached in Pakistan on two months visa.

It was voiced by Noman Afzal’s father that after one week Noman and Zahara will be in a marriage relationship, in which marriage arrangements are being done gratefully and with enthusiasm, I will take Noman with me, it was stated by Zahara.