The Gorgeous Actress Jacqueline Fernandez will do a dance in wedding ceremony for 4 Crore Rupees.


MUMBAI: Jacqueline Fernandez accepted a offer of dancing in a wedding ceremony which will be held in London, offer was of 4 Crore, she will stay 2 days in London for a wedding ceremony, The Businessman of London made a program of his son in the last of May and in contract with that occasion communicated with some artists, on which Jacqueline Fernandez accepted his offered and promised to perform some others songs too except her new upcoming movie.

Jacqueline Fernandez will stay for two days for which her arrangements of stay and coming and going will be done by wedding concerning. It was voiced by the Jacqueline Fernandez spokesperson verified dance performance that Jacqueline Fernandez has accepted to do dance performance for 4 crores and also changed her films schedule. It is cleared that Jacqueline Fernandez is not out of sight Bollywood industry but now she is well-known in industry because of her performances, she has won hearts of enormous people rapidly.