The Great Wall of China has begun to disappear.


BEIJING: Changes in natural conditions and human activities, such as stealing bricks to build houses, etc. built in the Ming era 30 % of the China Wall has disappeared in respect with time.

Wall of China Sean various pieces ranging out of sight the east coast to the Gobi desert is spread over thousands of kilometers. Wall China’s estimated nine thousand to 21 thousand kilometers in length has been estimated depending on the missing sections.

Construction of the wall commenced in the Ming empire 1368-1644 BC during the period 6300 kilometers part of it was built in which the most popular among tourists including part of the capital Beijing.

According to Beijing Times the construction of the 1962 km of the wall had disappeared in respect with time. Last year Great Wall of China according to a survey by the Society of Architectural offering the seasons while Plants grows on walls in several places at the speed of depreciation.

It was told in survey that although wall was constructed by stones and bricks however its’ some parts have been fragile due to wind and rain rather rocked several towers are weak and can fall as a result of the storm in the summer.

It was further told in survey that ” Tourism and local residential construction activity also longest man in the world damaged “. According to survey Poor rural northern province of thick brick wall was built out of their house.