The History of Perfume


The fragrance has been an essential part of our living, and all of us have this particular perfume that already defines our personality. Also, every spritz has the power to make us stand out, brings back wonderful memories, and brings us back those unforgettable moments in our lives. 

Before we enjoy these scents, let us bring back where the concept of perfume began until the time we are purchasing online perfume from a site like Fragrance 365 nowadays.

Perfume: Where it All Started

Before we use perfumes and buy them as gifts on special occasions, during the ancient Egyptian times, fragrances were seen as the way to communicate to God. Perfumes are sacred item during that time, and only priests the Gods, members of the royal family and aristocracy has the access of the “art of perfumery”. Moreover, perfumes are also used as part of religious ritual, as a way of emphasizing a holy presence and professing the religious faith.

Women at that time rely on scented oils as their fragrance not only in covering their not-so-good smell due to their lack of hygiene but also in seducing the opposite sex. Rose and jasmine are some of the most common floral ingredients used in perfume. The sensuality of the fragrances was being strengthened up to the creation of women’s contemporary fragrances.

Perfume as the Sign of Aristocracy

As mentioned, only first-class individuals can afford to have perfume before. That is why aside from being a religious tool to connect themselves and their faith to God, this has been a status symbol. In 1371, the first alcohol-based fragrance was made by a priest for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary. This fragrance was rumored to be the top-secret of the queen why she stayed young-looking in her lifetime. The whole 17th century was the time when using perfume as the main substitute for the hygiene for the rich people, not until the lighter, cologne-like fragrances were created wherein it became affordable for all classes in the society.

Mary Antoinette, the last queen of France, a person who loves flowers, has her favorite perfume that is made of notes filled with rose, orange blossoms, and jasmine. The flowers like the rose are crushed to release their natural essential oils, and their herbs are added to the oil for additional fragrance. That time, French people are not just using their bodies their perfumes, but also in their furniture like cabinets and rooms to make it more smelling good.

The Rise of Modern Fragrances

In the 19th century, contemporary fragrances were developed where the chemist’s new process of distillation complex molecules that paved the way for new scents that were available both for men and women. Moreover, the thorough studies and understanding of the different perfume notes became the turning point to create more perfumes that everyone can enjoy. Also, the idea of differing notes provided an opportunity to choose particular scents that can be added to the perfume-the top notes that provides the initial impression, followed by the middle and base notes. The distillation process, meanwhile,  aided to make the perfumes longer lasting.