The Hollywood Movie “Fast and Furious 7” has broken the records of success.


NEW YORK: Full of adventure and thrill Hollywood movie Fast and Furious 7 in a first week after releasing has been erected huge records. According to foreign news agency the international film makers “Universal Studio” forged movie Fast and was shown almost 10 thousands different places, in the world, and it during a week did a business of more than 38 crore and forty Lac, which is a record.

It is said by Universal Studios distributors that this is the last movie of Paul Walker who played a central role in the film, it might be aspect of film’s success, truly more and more creditability is gotten to the each movie of the series of Fast and Furious. It was told by Win Diesel it will be the biggest movie of April and also will win the biggest Oscar award, and now his prediction has been converted to reality, it has been the biggest movie of April, but winning of Oscar award is still remained.