The ICC (International cricket council) has announced that help diffusion will never tolerate.


The CEO (chief executive officer) of international cricket council has stated that help diffusion of players will never sustained, the coming world cup of 2015 will be more larger than the past world cup.

In an interview which was taken by foreign news it was expressed by Chard son the chief executive of ICC that for the world cup hard arrangements are being finalized, to deal out of sight corruption in coming event has been well planned, the inappropriate behavior of the players will never tolerated in grounds or out of ground.

He was further narrated that for help diffusion umpires have been strictly informed, action must be taken for those who are not followed the rules and policies of international cricket council, during the world cup crackdown is being held continuously for suspicious bowling action.

It is acceptance of chief executive that in the cricket world cup it will be truly difficult to fix any match by match fixers, if we investigate about corruption that I can confidently narrate that we did best arrangements of betimes.

We have collected all the valid information about the match fixer, where are they belonged? and erected a list of those and have been submitted to the agencies of different countries.