The Indian Government’s 22 websites were hacked ultimately by hackers of Pakistan.


On Thursday twenty two Indian Governmental websites were asserted by “Team MaDlessTs” It was believed by the Indian agencies that was intruded and work done by Pakistanis.

Most of the websites were acceded to inaccessible on Friday,, The NIC (National Informatics Centre) is maintained the immense of the websites.

The Adhra Pradesh’s government departments and organization’s group, after hacking sites, The piece of information was left by Odisha states and Teangana, in which it is raised by them their concerns approximately violation’s civil right which is being reasonable committed in Kashmir by the Indian Army.

In contact the defaced page appeared Indian army personnel kashmiri’s Civilians, A vedio clip was attached herewith.

It was stated clearly by the hackers that infactly and surely they contemplated to deliver “ the message to the India the presume peace” by showing the worst acts of the army of India and achieved secret governmental information which was not convincing their intention.

It was expressed by the hackers a cyber war is not intended with India, they further voiced that they want “care of humanity”.

The Kashmir is not required to us, we always intend for peace. The data is not deleted or nor stolen, we ultimately and finally await to exchange message to the people of India and government. They declared at last with the loud of voice “Pakistan Zindabad”.

The email address was provided by the hacker in contact the websites, promulgate that the group departure Pakistan was identified and traced by the TITA (Telangana Information Technology Association), ‘TeamMaDLeeTs’-1337 & roox!

The Telangana Animal Husbandry department’s website was also comprehended in it, The cyber Police registered a complaint finally after the TITA, The full-fledge explore was launched by the NIC (National Informatics Centre) accomplish the hacking incident.