The lake which water suddenly becomes colour of blood.


A salty lake marine plants spontaneous outbreak in Turkey resulted completely becomes of red colour or colour of blood. Turkey’s second largest lake, Lake Ammunition water is evaporated in the summer.

As a result the living die, Plants that eat spontaneous. As a result, they seem to flourish. It was said by Experts that spontaneous plants that thrive in the lake has declined in red.

This color will remain until such time until the lake is not evaporated and reach a peak during the summer months is possible. Summer tourists often walk on the dry lake while water comes back in it in winter but now tourists are interested to visit there due to its sudden changes of colours.

Which is filled with not at all harmful plants for humans. It was further said by Experts that we will not suggest people to drink lake’s water but they can visit there.

Interesting thing is this that Pink flamingo that nowadays there is also a pile there which added value is the color of the lake.