The last hours of the night are more likely to have a heart attack.


NEW YORK: Heart attack is brittle Judgment on the human body which takes second to die.

There are several factors that increases the risk of heart attack and these conditions are also intrude in the thriller of mind.

It was known by a research which was taken place in American Harvard University that in the last hours of night the dreams are more severe mental waves and risk of heart attack is increased due to them.

This element is so important that the highest rates of heart attack are in the last hours of night and especially in the morning.

According to facts and numbers of research in the morning 6:53 is the time when human have several chance of heart attack. By the most severe dreams heart beats are been very much fasten and use of oxygen is also enhanced.

End line gland hormone emissions trading increases the end line. So scrambled to feet up from sleep and consequently rupture of the arteries of the heart in case of heart attack.