The Legend Actor of Tamil and Bollywood took a decision


The Legend Actor of the Tamil and Bollywood Rajinikanth is ready to enter politics even he is very passionate about it, while Amitabh Bachchan has congratulated him.

According to the Indian media reports, Tamil and Bollywood legend Rajinikanth has decided to join politics and announced to make a party.

During an event, the actor was said to be in the upcoming 2021 elections in Tamil Nadu, he will raise his candidates in all the constituencies of the assembly.

The best actor Amitabh Bachchan congratulated him with the great desire for success.

The actor had to say about the move in politics, he wants not to keep in politics for the post rather serve the public.

The actor said that “I could get the post of politics in 1996, but I was just 45 years old, but now my politics not depend on any Religious, Race and cast rather it would depend on Spirituality”.

Actor said that the entire system needs to change; Democracy has corrupted of India, which needs to changed,

There was a time, when presidents were robbing other countries, but now they are robbing their countries.

The actor added, that this is not a film this is a reality show, here we will have to do something.