The longest Selfie stick used by the Hollywood Actor Ben Stiller


LONDON: The Hollywood Famous Actor ‘Ben Stiller’ has established a record of using the longest selfie stick. He used this stick on the occasion of the premiere of his upcoming movie ‘Zoolander II’.

According to the American Broadcast Agency, a colorful premiere of the Hollywood movie Zoolander II was held two days ago. All the stars of the movie attended this occasion. On this auspicious occasion, Ben Stiller the actor who played the main role in the movie took the selfie. For the purpose, he used 85 meters, 28 feet and 1 inch long selfie stick which is a world record. It was more than 8 times longer than the common selfie stick.

Guinness Book of World Records has registered the name of the Actor Ben Stiller, as a person who used the longest selfie stick. On this occasion Ben Stiller said, he always wanted to make the longest selfie stick record from his childhood.