The oldest manuscript of HOLY QURAN was discovered in Britain.


LONDON: This ancient manuscript of HOLY QURAN was discovered in the library of University of Birmingham. According to University it was known by the test that this manuscript is approximately 1370 years old.

This manuscript of QURAN was kept in library of University nearly a decade. According to Professor Thomas The manuscript is written in the Koran Hijazi script which was written in Arabic before.

It was further said by him that Hijazi writing because it strengthens the oldest recipe. This recipe books in the library and other documents with the Middle East had not had any knowledge of it.

This manuscript of QURAN was seen by a student who is being done PhD and then decided that radio carbon dying must be tested of it. According to British Newspaper “Telegraph” radio carbon tests have confirmed that the 568 version of the 645 step after Christ’s 1370 year old recipe.

It is remembered that Upon the arrival time of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.a.w.w) after 570 to 632 after Christ is the Messiah. Tests revealed that the prescription has been written on sheep suffer that the step is in the writings.