The Pakistani Actor Fawad Khan has Disinclination to Filming Sex Scenes.


It feels likewise that the Pakistani Actor Fawad Khan who debuted out of sight Bollywood movie “Khubsurat” had set some limits for his directors, consequently to narration Fawad Khan in his new upcoming movie “Kapoor and Sons” has been refused to filming object able scenes with Alia Bhat, in Producer Karan Johar films Sidarth Malhotra is also playing an important scene in film, as a result of report that Alia and Fawad had to film some sexual scenes, but Fawad was strictly refused to do it. He requested to the producer of film that the scenes have to filming in such a way with Alia Bhatt that nobody mind.

A resource told to Mumbai Mirror that fawad Khan is not at all satisfied with in like manner scene, source gave reference of his dramas “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” and “Humsafar” in which no scenes of touching and kissing in them, even in Fawad’s both romantic dramas, there is not at all a single scene of such kind.

Therefore sources Fawad Khan gives conservative values to interest Pakistani people’s, that’s why he said to Director Shakoon and producer Karan Johar that they have consider to soft likewise scenes. Source further told that when Fawad will come once again in Mumbai then he will discuss with all about the filming of those scenes, because to avoid conflicts in future.