The Pakistani Movie “Kaptaan” is near to completion.


Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf ( PTI) Chairman Imran Khan hence Pakistan ‘s political stage remains dominated, but the film which is being erected in contract with the life of former captain of Pakistani Cricket Team will be very soon appear in the Cinemas of Pakistan. According to the narrations film is in the ending process and in a minute will be going to release. It was stated by Abdul Manan who is being played a role of Imran Khan in the movie that however film was near to completion but Imran Khan re-married, while this thing will be further added into film.
He was further remarked during the briefing of movie, he completely tried to been a captain, this film is totally depends in contract with life of Imran Khan that how was he won World Cup of 1992 in the ground of cricket, then his endeavors concerning cancer hospital then his another marriage now.
In the film Kaptaan Abdul Manan played a role of Imran Khan, Saeeda Imtiaz of Jamia Khan, Sonia Khan of Imran’s Khan sister and Mehwish Nasir played a role of Benezir Bhutto. Although film trailer was released two years ago, however film is in last stages of completion, and in it Imran Khan’s big change is still remained.