The plan to develop plane that will be 20 times faster than the speed of sound.


NEW YORK: Europe, America and Australia million of passengers who travel the skies usually exhausting 20 hour journey and arrive at their destinations but now experts have prepared a plan of such like plane which will not only set this trip in just 90 minutes while that will be reach at its destination 20 times faster than the speed of sound.

The name was given to this amazing and hyper sonic plane “Space Lines” which will set its journey of 50 miles in the air through hydrogen and oxygen rocket while it is like a common plane will run on runway and rise upward like the space shuttle will be right side up and also will be distribute into two parts like space shuttle while that part of the plane by the air carrier rocket will come back and plane will be moved towards to its destination.

That part of the plane in which passengers will be sitting on the upper surface of the planet at a speed of 4.3 miles per second will begin, it has capacity of 100 seats and will land like a common plane. It was said by leader of project team that the project will cost 33 billion dollars and will be completed in 2030.