The specific streets for the users of mobile in China and Belgium.


Smart phones have become part of our ethos has become the most commonly used for which people are seen in contract with streets and text their beloved and are immense busy in it that during it confrontation with others falling smart phones incidents are rarely happened while we have given these events, China and Belgium established during a walk on mobile phone texting of lanes are reserved for those roads.

During a walk lane for mobile users, which originates from China, the US city of Washington on a crowded street made the same while people can walk and also do messages and chat hence whats up However, several streets in the Belgian city of Antwerp Brick Lane are made texting.

The first lane of the city center and the wild success of which was made in the section devoted to more roads where people are texted without any fear. During a walk on the street similar to mobile users in China has been a certain part Chong Qing city in northwest China where foreign people on the street named after the part has been specified for texting.

Ching Chong 2 lines on the road, which made a personal phone use on their duties, on the other hand its use has been directed strictly prohibited.