The successful cultivation of orange in the shape of heart in Japan.


TOKYO: Oranges in Japan rose in special molds to the shape of the heart are being developed which are being popular among people.

In the town of Japan, Yutama farmers tried to give shape of hearts to 400 oranges of which 250 were successful in custom mold and the heart shape oranges were formed.

Japanese farmer Mandarin orange kind heart Wood for adaptation in the form of a triangular shape put it on top of a bar.

This template can hang it from the tree unripe fruits are taken. All the oranges of heart shapes were sold this year speedily on good price.

Farmers tried more to give heart shape structure to oranges after having a look on people’s interest.

It is cleared that 2 years ago Japan’s farmers form the heart shapes of the watermelon were exported abroad in Kuwait price of this heart shape watermelon was 351 US dollars which is been 35 thousands and in Pakistani currency.