The Tremendous Advantages of Green Tea, and Milk Tea


 According to a research done in the US, tea reduces the risk of “Glaucoma” to 74% in eyes.

Advantages Milk Tea

This study was done at the University of California in the United States, over a period of more than 10,000 people were diagnosed with food and health, and 1678 of them were examined their eyes, Experts concluded that there is intimacy between tea and “glaucoma”,  and tea is also very beneficial for eyes.

Reduce the risk of eye weaknesses

The risk of glaucoma increases the pressure surrounding the eye, which affects blood veins, then the visual effects, which completely finishes the ability to see and the patient completely blinds, This is the biggest cause of blindness across the world.

Now after the new research, experts have said that drinking the daily tea the risk of the eye disease reduces 74% but the use of coffee, Ice tea or other soft drinks does not have any special benefits.

Experts believe tea contains anti-oxidants and ingredients that remove inflammation. That saves eyes from this dangerous disease. Because, experts say that more research is needed if hot tea stops the disease or it is someone else, but British experts have welcomed this research.

Chris Hammond, Professor of Kings College London, says that research is very important; it shows that Anti-oxidants present in tea have a good impact on our health.

However, Dr. Graham Vahler, another dietitian, has said that research does not know why this happens, but this research does not prove that how to drink tea is useful for eyes, but experts agree that tea has Polyphenols and different type of fluoride, one of whom has a good effect on eyes.

Advantages of Green Tea

Brain capabilities increase

Green tea is a reliable combination of energy level and stabilization. Coffee, unlike green tea, increases your energy level. Researchers do not make sure that any green tea can be done by any kind of goddess. Rather, make its result stable for better, While this relaxes from any anxiety and emotion.

Memory protection

With the presence of Cetichen mixture, green tea helps prevent diseases such as age-related memory and Alzheimer’s. Cetichen mixture prevents the risks of the Parkinson disease significantly.

Reduce fat through the metabolic

Experts estimate that green tea facilitates through body metabolism in obesity reduction.

The nature of every human being is different, but green tea facilitates isolation of everywhere’s activity.

Where is the necessary and bad situation? The caffeine in green tea plus the addition of fatty acids increases body activity.

Reducing cancer risks

Powerful anti-oxide is present in green tea that helps to naturally strengthen the body and to improve the brain system.

Analysts suggest that drinking daily green tea prevents cancer risk, which prostate cancer, and large intestinal cancer.

Green tea a cup daily

Green tea taste can be slightly bitter, add lime or honey to your tea. Successfully you can get all the amazing results that offer green tea. It is your responsibility to coordinate all the convenience and strong brain systems and body systems, and is completely in your hands. Add green tea to your daily routine sooner you will improve your health.