The Ultimate Guide on sleep disorder


Most of the time sleep is associated with laziness, and this is where people go wrong, a lack of sleep can have a tremendously negative effect on how your day turns out. Many things can cause sleep disorder occasionally but one’s that we can do away with easily, for example when a person is stressed out they will rarely get enough sleep because of the negative ideas that have invaded their minds.

However, there are other extreme conditions that result from a lack of sleep and ones that people should be on the lookout for. For example, there are some people who have a problem staying awake and have to use a stimulant to help keep them awake, and the common culprit in this scenario is caffeine. Lack of sleep also makes people to have a rather slow reaction to matters, while others will just be irritable and sleep a lot during the day.

If you are experiencing any of the above disorders then there are some sleep routines that you can adopt to improve the above sleep problems. For example, you could come up with a calming before bed routine to reconfigure your mind and activate sleep mode, such as listening to some soothing music. You could also, create a sleep environment in your bedroom, and these concerns the arrangement of your room, your bed, and beddings.

Remember that a lack of proper beddings can have the doctor prescribe one for you, which is not necessary since Grandin road caters to such needs. However, if the self-help methods do not impact your sleep problems positively it might be time to see the doctor.

Common Types of sleep disorders

Restless legs syndrome- requires a medical diagnosis but one thing that you should be sure of is that it cannot be cured but treatment can help alleviate some of its symptoms. The condition is also known to worsen as people grow older and it normally occurs when one is either sitting or lying down.

The restless leg syndrome makes a person develop the irresistible urge to move their limbs they, therefore, experience an uncomfortable aching and tingly sensation. The syndrome is classified as a sleep disorder because it disrupts sleep by making a person want to move their hands and legs while lying down at night.

Insomnia – it is impossible to pinpoint one condition as the cause of insomnia because it can also be caused by other sleep disorders. Insomnia is a severe case of the inability to fall asleep, and will most probably need medical intervention to improve, the most common causes of this condition are stress or anxiety and for the older people, it could be the medications that they are taking or an underlying medical problem that is yet to be identified.

A good way of managing sleep insomnia is through sleep hypnosis, which most of the time is self-guided and even better is that the materials are found online and all you need to do is subscribe to a package or download the free version to try out its effectiveness before you upgrade.

Narcolepsy –

Is one of the worst kinds of sleep disorders that are characterized by excessive and uncontrollable daytime sleepiness? Narcolepsy is a result of the failure of the brain functioning mechanism, necessary to controlling sleep and walking. When the condition gets worse; the individuals affected might experience sleep attacks when they are in the middle of a conversation, or even when they are driving or at work.

And the bad news is that a cure is yet to be discovered to help treat and cure the condition, however not that it is completely unmanageable, as a combination of treatments has been discovered to help control the symptoms.

Sleep Apnea- is one of the sleep problems that require immediate medical attention. The condition features frequent breathing stops when you are asleep, which consequently wake you up. So how will you know if you have this condition? Well, the symptoms are very obvious but you can only get a correct diagnosis from the medical practitioners.

The first common symptom of this condition is a decrease in productivity and you will also realize that you feel exhausted most of the time especially during the day, are irritable or depressed. The reason for the above symptoms is because of the frequent breathing stops that make you constantly wake up. However, the good thing about it is that it is treatable and those who are sick can be completely healed.

Natural remedies for that can help you get better sleep

Ginseng – has been determined to contain sedative properties; the Korean red ginseng is, therefore, believed to encourage non-rapid eye movements thus prolonging total sleep time. What’s more, is that when consumed the Asian Ginseng could help people maintain their normal sleep and wakefulness cycles consequently leading to productivity and a healthy state of mind.

Rosemary– is one of the most versatile natural plants that have medicinal properties and is also adopted in the preparation of spices if not used as a spice itself. The plant is thus believed to contain natural chemicals, compounds, and acids, which tend to have neurochemical effects necessary to enhance sleep.

Lavender- is believed to offer the following five sleep benefits, and the first one is sleep efficiency, sleep time, decreased mild sleep, decreased mid-sleep duration, and awakening. Individuals, who have used lavender either in capsule form or as tea, report to have experienced improved mood, and decreased fatigue.

Violet Oil– the effectiveness of violet oil was proven through a randomized test that was carried out on patients that experienced chronic insomnia. The test was carried out in comparison with almond oil, other on-ground tests were also carried out. To which end the study revealed that both the almond and violet oil were effective, but the latter offered the greatest benefits in improving sleep quality.

The natural methods discussed above are to be used to naturally enhance sleep quality and reduce wake times; they are not treatment methods to sleep disorders.