The world most hunted places


LONDON: The world most hunted places. The demons, ghosts, monsters and strange creatures which exist inside of the world and not at all any society and culture are empty without them. Some places in all over the world such like Pakistan has become a symbol of mystery and fear.

Island of Dolls, Mexico:

According to an oral narration in the town of Mexico namely “Xochimilco” a married husband reached on this restful place together with his children and in the 20th century due to terrific storm a baby child was killed hereinafter which her spirit had wandered into the area. In the 1950s this baby was seen at different places there and she was talking to her father and asked to have dolls. The father of that baby fulfilled the whole island with the dolls it was said by him that the little baby wants to sink him and the very next day his corpse was found in the water while according to many people in the silence of night any baby crying, calling and humming voices are come and people always be very scary to stay there at night. In every year hundreds of the photographers and thrill seekers are reached on this hunted island of dolls. This terrific island is almost on two hour canal ride out of the Mexico City while thousand of the dolls are hanged in contract with the trees there.

Fear House in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

At the beach Jeddah there is a 100 meter high building which has been declared demonized. 16 years teenagers are gone there and do not come back and According to local people, young people are drawn towards it there is no electricity, but a TV channel crew moving the stones, whispered into the ears and yellow lights notes. According to the roof of the house is always full of crows. Those who were gone there especially young ones were not returned back.

A Demonize Hotel of Gloucestershire, British.

There is an ancient inn in the city of British namely Gloucestershire, which was demolished in contract with a grave yard. In the nineteenth century, had taken refuge in several criminals this inn was used in several horrible films and according to history it has been demonized out of sight 12th of century while the name was given to it Rim Inn. It is said in connecting with this inn that over 20 souls are ruled there and those who were entered inside they looked a little girl and it was also noted by them that furniture that is kept there is flown. We are remembered we all have seen such like scenes in movies only but it is cleared that this all is happened to the people who went there. In the present era it has been common thing to construct buildings and houses on the grave yards, but this is the building that has been declared demonize till 12th of century.

Seven Corners House, Salem, Unites States of America.

This ancient house was constructed in 17th of century and the structure of the house is such that 7 are triangular structures. There cases are run in contract with women whom have been declared witch out of sight them 20 executes were brutally murdered and several movies have been filmed on them. The historical references Salem, Massachusetts is the most haunted houses affected where in the windows a woman is physically seen in like manner several people also have been seen a little girl who were being played there and this process is being gone from 1668.

Pasco’s Vampire, Peru.

In South America, Peru is a beautiful resort city of Pasco and in 1913 a woman in England, Sarah Ellen Roberts declared vampire and witch was killed and hereinafter there was a series of extraordinary events commenced. It is said in regarding of Sarah Ellen that she was a third wife of a vampire and a case of arresting was run on her. She was belonged to England and the church of there was punished her and refused to buried her there and so her husband brought her in Peru and buried her hereinafter so many people are seen her wandering at nights and also listen a lot of whispers. So the people are a lot of scared of her especially at nights they always avoid to go there in any circumstance.

Bhangarh, India.

It is situated in the Rajgarh municipality in the state of Rajasthan that was firstly constructed in 1573 during the rule of Bhagwant Das as the residence of his second son. There are several ruins and out of sight them it is famous in connecting with a ruin that there was a palace like house where residents had a black magic curse the man hereinafter which all the people killed in unnatural manner. Since then this place is demonized. This fort is 300 km from Delhi where the rotten doors are closed automatically at night and strange smell is feeling in ruins. According to the Indian Department Board, a board was installed on which it is aware from unbelievable incidents of ruins. It has been declared the most demonized town of India and recently two boys have been vanished who went there to pass night. This is basically a small city that was demolished of palaces, temples and multiple gates and at the foot of a mountain covers a huge area of land.

Aokigahara Suicide Forest, Koshu, Japan

At the foot of soldiers mount the forest of Aokigahara is also called as “Suicide Forest” where people are done suicide collectively. In 2004, 108 people were committed suicide there and finished theirs’ precious lives. On average 100 people a year commit suicide here while that’s why this town has been declared demonized. The people who are arrived there they feel panic and also presence of anyone and in the silence of dark nights noise hears. In the forest there is an another important thing that people are often lost their ways when the go in the depths of ruins.