The world’s first driver less car was developed.


SHANGHAI: 2 with electric motors in the car just 4 seconds from zero to 60 miles per hour may hold rather its highest speed is 155 miles per hour and the most important thing is this that you do not need to bother for driving it because it is capable of driving itself.

The unique quality of car that is capable to drive itself. This super car introduced in during Consumer Electronics Show in Shanghai. The Audi new super car name was given R8 e-tron while video cameras, laser scanners, radar sensors and equipped with ultra- sonic are installed to get a detailed image of the traffic around you thanks to proceed in that way.

Although several companies are being prepared for developing driver less cars however Audi was tried to develop fastest car incomparable of them. It was stated by company that inside of it car power of two batteries motor fixed which is served 456 horsepower which within 4 seconds from the vehicle speed may reach 62 miles per hour (mph).

It was voiced by Audi that a high-tech mobile laboratory test has been experienced but further details are served. After charged it can travel up to 279 miles after which it is needed to recharge once again for which 2 hours are awaited.