The world’s first fly car now sells on eBay


We all have been dreaming of flying cars and now it is defined as Muller M 400 in the case of Sky Car. But the value of this dream is very expensive.


There are four seats in the fly car and it is still in the preparation process, but a car is kept on eBay for the bid, tears come in eye when listen its value.


Its price of Pakistan is Rs. 50 crores means $ 50 million.

A model M 400 can now be purchased from eBay, but the U.S. Federal Department of Aircraft (FAA) has not approved it.


It had first test in 2001, there has been 8 Wings, which turn their car into turns and gives them the power of the engine of 720 horsepower.


Due to the rotation of the wings (router) it grows like a helicopter and falls on earth.

According to the Moller Company, unfortunately it has not received the FA license to fly it, and if anyone buys it, he cannot fly it in the US.

However, after purchasing, the company will make further changes and will help the buyer to provide FAA approval.

According to the company, many new technologies have been made to make its engine and structure more than $ 150 million.


Jack Stewart’ Marketing Director of Moller describes the reason for selling it, saying, “We want to sell a car and submit money for our new projects.”

With the improvement of the next model, hybrid power-driven rotary engines will be developed.