The world’s first Holographic Phone “Hydrogen One” introduced.


Red-made cameras for digital cinemas have now introduced a holographic smartphone.

This holographic smartphone has been named “Hydrogen one” and it’s introduced in the beginning of two versions. There will be an aluminum unit set at $ 1195 and the second set titanium version, which will cost up to $ 1595.

This smartphone will also be Google’s Android operating system and order chain is being started from Thursday to get it.

“Smartphone industry experts are surprised at this unexpected announcement”.

“I just want to say I’m trying to understand it,” says Benwid, CBS Insight Analyst. This device is for a specific class that will be happily ready to buy this smartphone.

The Red Company is known to be the most high quality cameras and some Hollywood movies that make movies such as the Guardian of the Galaxy 2 were made of the compact 8 camera.

However, the company has not yet made its name in mobile phone-making industries. And therefore, there is no more information about the features made by the company.

According to the company, this phone will have professional hydrogen holographic display through which traditional 2D and 3D Interactive Games will be very easy to switch.

Analyzer Benwid told the BBC that it would be very difficult and important to place a smartphone market for this device.