The world’s largest aircraft developed in America


NEW YORK: The world’s largest aircraft of human history will prepare to fly next month. Which length is about 300 feet, This aircraft developed in America after 3 years hard work, it looks like a balloon. It has named ‘AIRLANDER’. According to the people who made it, this is the half-plane and half-helicopter.

It will be capable of filling 13 million square feet of helium gas and its engine has tested in October. It will be limited to 122 KM in its first flight and in case of success the work will begin on its first sample. An amount of one billion dollars has been spent on this plane. The aircraft can fly in any weather and surface. Is whether the sea, the desert or snow. Helium gas will supply 60 % power to raise it above because it is lighter than air and 40% power will get with the help of engine and wings.

Airlander will go at most 20 thousand feet height then will fly at the speed 144 KM per hour. But it is capable of carrying 10 tons goods. According to Experts, the aircraft could replace traditional planes in the future because it does not exclude pollution and travels very quietly.

The best thing is this that it will not require a runway for takeoff and landing because it rises and lands like a helicopter. Although it has been in the seating capacity of 48 people but can be used for ocean surveillance, spy, movie -making and research.