The world’s most flexible smartphone screen ready


Engineers at the University of British Columbia have found that it can move slightly away from the pressure has developed a prototype of a flexible touch screen, which can be stretched and wrapped.

Although flexible electrical appliance attempts to continue for many years and has achieved numerous successes in them but the touch screen can be called the most important development in this regard because the jelly a silicone (silicone) the thin layer of packing very short electrical devices of various types Some of which you can work and feel the change in pressure sensor while the other types of devices that operate power transfer. Interestingly, it is used in the flexible touch screen and the substances are also very low cost.

This flexible test screen 5 cm long and 5 cm wide, the University of British Columbia, Canada Squib Mirza server and fellow engineers developed. This technology to the further growth could be bigger and touch screens develop practical nature that will be part of not only the latest smartphones based on its flexibility and durability, but also prepare them human-like skin for future robots will be used.

Earlier in the coming years it will become quite flexible touch screen electronic paper such as newspapers and TV screens basis of which will be covered when needed Glue & wall. For every possible application areas where flexible electronic devices the touch screen will be used in every field. This prototype details have been published in “Science advances”.