The world’s oldest letter has been found at the coast of Germany after 108 years.


In ancient time people were sent their messages to related people through bottles and pigeons but in this advance era mobile phones and internet has taken their place however now some messages which were sent through bottles are received and such like a message was received at the coast of Germany people were surprised to look it.

According to German Media world renowned researcher George Parker wrote a letter in 1900 and put it into a bottle and was handed over it with this hope that it would receive to related person but perhaps it could not reach to its destination and lost for 108 years at last received in April by a lady who was being walked at the coast of north sea.

It was said by a lady Maria who received letter that Message in a bottle that’s always causes curiosity and stability. Lady reached at home with bottle and broken the bottle together with his husband so a post card was inside it on which non a date was mentioned however returning address was mentioned on it.

It was identified by a Biological Association that card was in German, Dutch and English while it was written on it that who will reply this letter that he/she will give a prize of shelling.