There is no need to the sequel of “Bajraangi Bhai Jan”.


MUMBAI: It was said by the Bollywood Dabaang Khan that film “Bajraangi Bhai Jan” is a complete movie which sequel is not at all needed.

The film which was based on the story of a Pakistani girl the Bollywood block buster film been really famous after releasing initial days “Bajraangi Bhai Jan” while audience liked a lot the acting of Salman Khan, Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui and cute little Actress Harshali Malhotra and really appreciated them however film is being done business on box office successfully.

It was said by Salman Khan when a question was raised in connecting with sequel of movie that “Bajraangi Bhai Jan” is a complete movie there is no need of its sequel while story of film is genuine and excellent.

It is cleared that block buster movie “Bajraangi Bhai Jan” has been the second most earning movie.