Things that Make Patek Philippe Nautilus Watches Popular Until Today


Most men love to wear luxury sports watch because of its stylish model. The watch model looks simple but elegant for modern and professional men. One of the best luxury sports watches is Patek Philippe Nautilus. This watch becomes the first luxury sports watch along with a great and long-lasting concept until today. Let’s learn the things that make this watch interesting and popular through generations.

Sophisticated Design 

Whether men or women love Patek Philippe’s watches because of its sophisticated design. The design makes the watch looks exclusive and luxury. The watch is made with high tech complications. Moreover, Patek Philippe Nautilus is a revolutionary sports watch product because it is designed differently than any other sports watches. As a result, this watch got attention from watch lovers after the first released in 1976.

Out of the Box Idea 

Before Nautilus launched, a sports watch only had chronographs and time. The shape is regular with small or medium size. Genta, the designer of this watch did something extraordinary. He tried to create a new sports watch along with a larger size than the ordinary sports watches in the market. One of the significant differences is on the bezel in which the Nautilus uses octagon bezel. The sides were curved to create a perfect circle. The diameter of this sports watch is also 3mm larger than the other sport watch. You are about to wear luxury sports watch with a 42mm diameter. To make it perfect and out of the box, the Nautilus is embossed horizontal grooves on the dial and a metal bracelet. It is a stunning sports watch than any other sports watches.

More Color Variation

The Nautilus is also out of the box in the sense of its color variation. The good thing is that you can choose a variety of colors whether it is classic colors such as black, white, bronze, and brown or different colors. The manufacturer also offers the Nautilus with pink, blue, red, beige, champagne, cream, green, grey, ivory, and purple. You can also choose more luxurious and elegant colors such as diamond, mother of pearl, silver, gold, or even multicolored watch.

Great for Men and Women 

Patek Philippe Nautilus is designed for unisex whether for men and women. There are some options for men such as Aquanaut Chronograph, Nautilus with blue dial, and many more. For women who also fascinated with the design and features of this luxury sports watch, you can wear the Nautilus silver dial  for ladies.

A Variety of New Models 

The manufacturer wants to serve something fresh to its customers. Because of that, Genta creates a variety of new models. Let’s say, you can wear a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph, the Nautilus with black-brown dial and rose gold case matt, Nautilus silver dial, Nautilus blue dial, and many more. There will be ongoing Nautilus watches to come with make you get surprised whether because of its design, features, and tools.

Type of Luxury Nautilus Watches 

The manufacturer designed a luxury watch from the first time it launched the Nautilus. For example, Patek Philippe launched a luxury watch with a quartz movement in 1980. The watch was designed for ladies. Moreover, the manufacturer also launched a Nautilus with only 37mm size for men who have a mid-size wrist. Patek Philippe improved by designing a big size watch in 1990. The next six years, Patek Philippe also launched roman numerals and a smooth dial watch. The great achievement is done in 2006 in which Patek Philippe created the latest generation of Nautilus for the 30th anniversary. The watch is a 43mm size along with the finest steel. This watch has become the most popular and iconic model until today.

Despite its expensive price, the Nautilus becomes one of the most popular luxury sports watches. This brand serves not only a stylish model but also a watch with the finest materials, useful features, and tools. As a result, the Patek Philippe Nautilus watch makes you more stylish and elegant. In the end, you will be more confident and attractive when you are wearing Patek Philippe Nautilus. Nowadays, you can get the latest information about Patek Philippe Nautilus by visiting a website such as Watch Shopping.