Things To Know About Disabling Bixby And How To Do It


While not many people do not know, Samsung also has its voice command assistant. If Apple has Siri, and Amazon has Alexa, Samsung also has Bixby. Bixby is a handy tool for Samsung devices such as smartphones and tablets, and it is smartly invented to cater to all Samsung users’ needs.


However, not everyone needs practical help– especially when it is help offered by a device or computer. A lot of Samsung users complain that Bixby can be “too much” of support that it gets a little annoying from then and now.


But, you don’t have to stress on it anymore, because just like other voice assistants, Bixby can also be disabled. Samsung Bixby is a digital assistant that Samsung users can use, especially when they want to live a more comfortable life.


The first introduction of Bixby was in 2017, the same year that Samsung Galaxy S8 was also launched. Before Bixby existed, Samsung only has the S Voice as its assistant, and it came in an app. But since 2017, Bixby has been supporting Samsung users worldwide.

How does Bixby work?

Before we learn how to disable Bixby, first, it is essential to know how it works and what features it offers to Samsung users. If you are familiar with how voice assistants work, then you will understand easily how Bixby works.


With voice assistants like Bixby, one can easily navigate all the features of the device they have. For Samsung users, Bixby allows them to use all the functionalities of Samsung smartphones, tablets, and smart home equipment.


You can navigate and customize all the commands that you want Bixby to keep in mind. Say, for example, you have a meeting 20 minutes from now, and it is one of the most valuable meetings that you have to attend.


You can customize a voice command for Bixby, saying that you should not be interrupted while you are at the conference. You can let Bixby keep all the notifications, emails, messages, and calls on your phone without disturbing you during the meeting.


To manage and navigate voice commands, you can go to your Samsung device’s settings and search for Quick Commands. You can program Bixby however you want it to perform.


Record your voice and save your voice command on the phone. You can add new ones, edit existing controls, and remove those that you do not use.

How to disable Bixby?

There are various ways on how to disable Bixby, and it depends on what Samsung device model you are using. Let’s start for Galaxy S20 and Note 10; you have to go to the notifications menu and tap the power icon on it.


Next, look for “Side Key” settings and open it. From there, you can change when to wake Bixby up. On the Press and hold option, make sure to choose the Power off menu.


As for disabling Bixby on older Samsung device models, you need to go straight to the smartphone’s settings and click on Advanced Features. Next, tap on the word Bixby and then click the gear icon. After that, tap on the Bixby key and then make sure to turn the command that says Double Press to navigate Bixby off.


You can also click on the built-in Bixby button on your screen to do the disabling process. All you have to do is tap on the Bixby key, then click on the Double Press to navigate Bixby. Disabling Bixby is as simple as that, and you can do it anywhere and anytime you like.


Although Bixby can be very helpful when it comes to utilizing your Samsung smartphone’s features, as mentioned, it is not for everyone. Doing a simple alarm can be done manually, even without the help of Bixby. Nevertheless, when you need Bixby’s support in the future, you can always install it back on your Samsung devices.