Things to Know Before Forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company)


LLC or a Limited Liability Company is a legal structure that is designed to provide more liability protection along with added flexibility to small businesses. At the present day, a whole lot of small companies are filing for an LLC, the high flexibility and protected liability seems to be a game-changer. The process of filing an LLC is simple, and the process will take about two to four hours, depending on how complex your organization is. The requirements for filing an LLC sometimes vary from state to state. If you’re wondering how to form an llc, then we have got you covered with all the things that you possibly need to know about a Limited Liability Company.

Get the articles: You can get it online, or you can visit the State Secretary’s office to get one. And while you are in the State Secretary’s office, don’t forget to verify if you will need to publish a post in the newspaper. You can also go through the rules that apply to the name-making.

The business name: Choose a business name that complies with the rules of the state you reside in. There are some prohibited words like “city”, “corporation”, “insurance”. These words are not permissible. The name needs to end with “LLC”, and do check if there is already another company from your state with the same name.

Send details: Send the details such as the name of the business, address, the name of the members, etc. to the state, as such details are mandatory to file the LLC. The ownership details of other business management details are not required. The member names will suffice.

Post on newspaper (if reqd.): If your state laws ask you to publish a post on newspaper, then you have got to do so. This, if required, needs to be done before you fill the article. And if it is not required, then you will get to save some money.

Submission of the article: The documents need to be submitted to the State Secretary’s office with the required fee. Fees to form an LLC starts from $40 and ends at $900. The amount depends on your location. You will have to be aware of the annual corporate tax as it needs to be paid at the same time.

Operating agreement: When you’re done with the legal requirements for forming an LLC, you need to draw your attention towards the operating agreement. This agreement is not needed by the state. So, it can be filed after the legal filings. In case if there is another owner of the LLC, then it needs to be mentioned in the agreement terms.

Mention the management and financial responsibilities very clearly in the operating agreement. Contribution to additional capital when there is a need, profit distribution, and leave terms are things that need to be mentioned. Such questions need answering in writing even if the agreement is between friends or family as this will prevent any business strain or relationship strain down the line.

Partners and final procedures: Be on the same page as your partner. Though this isn’t a legal requirement, you should work out every detail in advance because sometimes a partner may quit.

If your organization is pretty complex, then we suggest you hire an attorney to get this job done. Doing it all can be tiring. However, it is just another job for the attorney. If you want to save money and avoid the services of an attorney, then you can do so. Just make sure you’re thorough with all the things. Set up the LLC in your own state as there are organizational as well as tax benefits to it.

These steps mentioned about how to form an LLC will help you. The formation of an LLC may seem like a tough job, but it really isn’t. You just need to be thorough with all that you need to do. We have already mentioned what needs to be done here. From the articles to the operating agreement to completion of the process, we have covered it all. I hope you had a good read, and this article answered all your questions regarding the formation of an LLC.