This is how psychometric testing evolved



it is not hard to see that in the past few years, companies are shifting toward a more engaging and interactive form of simulations for the recruitment procedure. Having interviews and checking the credentials or degrees of an employee is not good enough in current job scenarios. That is why organizations are using psychometric test as a tool to dig deeper into one’s perspective and find out their value for the company. With the advancement in technology, it has been possible for the company to create simulated assessment experiences in order to find out the response of candidates about what they will do next. This is important because any employee who will be recruited can face such situations in future while working in the company and one who is able to provide the best solution for response in accordance is the right one for the company. Text-based evolutions are things of past now.

There are a lot of ways to do the psychometric evaluation which consists of providing a hypothetical solution, show a video and many companies are even including games as the part of psychometric tests to evaluate once personality and decision making factors.

What are Psychometric Tests?

The word psychometric os taken from Greek dictionary which means mental and measurement. These tests are conducted to measure mental ability and personality traits of an individual. It is common for an individual to take psychometric tests as a part of recruitment during the selection process.

A lot of organizations are using psychometric test as a tool to gain insight into the skills of a candidate. These tests are focused on measuring entities like attitude, intelligence,  potential and personality factors, in addition, to find out how well an employee can perform in a corporate scenario.

Here are some of the changes that occurred in the psychometric test over time


Paper-based Assessments

These tests were originated in the early 20th century and they were done mostly on paper. They were like most of the exams that we take today in schools or colleges. Due to technological constraints, these tests were manual back in the day and everything like report writing, situation test, aptitude, and reasoning were written on a piece of paper only which is checked by the interviewer or any other assessment professional. A lot of company still use paper-based assessment before conducting the interviews to shortlist candidates.  

Online Revolution

With the introduction of technology, computer-based and online psychometric tests have become the prior choice of many organizations. These tests help organizations to deploy a  proper assessment procedure into mainstream commercial settings. It has a lot of advantages over paper-based assessments as these tests can standardize the experience for every candidate and reduce the risk of human error. Online psychometric tests also make it easier to assess the results with great ease because a lot of answers can be checked with software automatically which require less time to process an individuals application.

This test includes a questionnaire related to individual performance, how a person will behave in certain situations and provide an insight into the preference and attitude of an individual. I dream career has been helping students and professionals to work on their psychometric evolutions and with a series of tests, you can easily crack the interviews.