This unique project of building covered with trees in China


China is working on amazing high-rise buildings that can be called Jungle Tower.

The tower is 656 feet tall and the other 354 feet, the building which will not only make the building attractive trees and plants will be planted along the flats and 132 pounds in the atmosphere (about 60 kg) of oxygen will also prepare.

Italian expert designed twin tower buildings has been in Nanjing which have been established in the city. Completed in 2018 the project is called the vertical forest in Asia.

Both buildings under the project will grow a thousand trees and shrubs and 2,500 trees of 23 varieties that are local. Residential flat, the museum building, a club and a museum will be set up on the roof. Design is made such that vegetation can be seen easily from the balconies of the building. The plants will give rise to local biodiversity. Half the trees were large and the rest of the buildings are small and medium-size

This would have been ahead of Milan and the vegetation of the buildings in the area that provide fresh oxygen Lucian Swiss residents. The construction of these buildings is to absorb carbon dioxide.