Three Best Cricket Betting Apps For When Cricket Returns!


There is no cricket around the world right or any other live sports for that matter. Hopefully, the threat of COVID-19 is going to reduce soon and we can finally hear the sound of the bat hitting the ball again. Side note: Go to YouTube and hear Virat Kohli’s net session ahead of the Adelaide test 2018. You will thank us later.

Till that time, though, download a solid cricket betting app and take advantage of the fantastic offers being served up right now. Here are three of the best available:


Not only is Betway one of the biggest cricket betting websites, but it is also one of the biggest betting sites in the world period. That means that an army of well-paid professionals make sure its cricket betting app works to perfection.

The Betway betting app offers up the entire experience that its website users get with better speeds and exclusive offers. Beway has made its mobile gaming experience top-notch and is the industry standard when it comes to providing cricket related offers.


Unlike other major betting websites, 10CRIC has made cricket its primary focus as is obvious from the name. That makes India and South-East Asia the number one market for 10CRIC and the phone is still the primary means of accessing the internet in the subcontinent.

As a result, 10CRIC has designed its website with a mobile-first mindset. The speed of the internet in India and other Asian cricket focussed countries is not often the best. A lot of people also use low-range to mid-range phones which can have trouble rendering very high-fidelity websites.

This is why 10CRIC has worked hard to make its mobile experience palatable even at very low speeds or older generations of phones. For most people, this equates to a lightning-fast experience even on modest hardware.

Oh and 10CRIC is consistently providing the best offers for cricket betting as it seeks to dominate India’s favorite sport.


What do you do if you are a relatively new player in an industry where competition can be cut-throat? ComeOn has shown the way by being faster, leaner, and more responsive than almost all of its rivals.

ComeOn knows that it has to offer some very viable value propositions to gain mind space in the cricket-loving public. This is why its India-focus and some truly remarkable welcome offers are no surprise.

We recommend trying out ComeOn’s mobile gaming app to check out the best offers they have whenever cricket returns. The app is very well-designed and tends to work flawlessly on almost any kind of phone.

There is a wealth of other games being offered at ComeOn as well, a few which could help pass the time during the lockdown.