Through new tests diagnose of Ebola is now possible in minutes.


LONDON: Experts introduced a fast test to know Ebola virus which serves results hands in hands and utilities were in regular laboratory tests are effective. Out of sight American Experts test was observed in contract with 106 connecting patients of Ebola.

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) procedure also took help and hereinafter 284 blood samples were observed. The whole blood and plasma were tested for Ebola. Traditional tests confirmed Ebola disease in such persons was 96 percent accurate in diagnosing while in which except few days just few hours were consumed.

It was voiced by Experts that this is the first study in this regard. The molecular (molecular) test is how fast and reliable and specifically suitable for disadvantaged African countries where there was an outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone while early few days were served in Ebola test however millions lives can be saved by this advance test.

Details of the test was published in international medical journal and the name was given to this test “Rapid Diagnose Test” or “RTD” while for which a specific kit was prepared.