Tips for Learning Japanese Easily and Quickly


Currently, learning Japanese is something really important and it centers the attention of many people. The reasons that lead us to learn Japanese online are the most disparate, from to find a better job position to travel more easily or even by simple curiosity.

Read in the language you are studying

Reading is a good way to learn and know new vocabulary. If you have a fairly low level of the language you can use stories or adapted short stories that can be very useful to give us the first push. However, when the level of language proficiency is higher, reading books and longer novels is recommended. And we must always choose the literature of a country. By reading native writers, our vocabulary and expressions will be much purer.

In addition to books, reading magazines and newspapers is also a good idea to learn terms that is used on a daily basis and especially to imbue the events and concerns of the country in question. Comics and graphic novels are also very useful for learning Japanese and they can be a good option for low or medium levels.

The films or series, always in original version

We know, it is one of the most typical tips there is. This practice has been gaining popularity thanks to the facilities offered by the Internet. In many countries, movies or series are not subtitled.

However, you have several options that vary depending on your language level. If your level is low, start by watching movies or series in the original version subtitled in Spanish. If your level is medium, we recommend that you do it with subtitles in the original language.

Every time you hear or read a word you do not know, write it down in a notebook to find its meaning. If you stop the movie at that moment to look for it, surely it will be easier for you to understand its meaning in context. Finally, if your level is rather high, try watching the movie or series directly without subtitles.

Visit blogs with tools to practice the language you want to learn

Currently, on the Internet there are countless websites that offer courses, notes, exercises or content to learn Japanese. Obviously, it will be much easier to find this type of tools if you want to learn English and not Finnish, but there are resources for very different Japanese.

In addition, in recent years we have witnessed an impressive growth of blogs written by Spaniards who speak of cultural equivalences, usual expressions and tricks to master the language and not fall into the typical false friends, such as our Improve Our English newsletter.

It is also easy to find channels or blogs with first-person tips and entertaining video versions on YouTube.

Find a person with whom to make a tandem

To learn Japanese correctly it is essential not to neglect the oral part. Many of the Spanish problems with English refer to the lack of speaking practice that is done in the classes and, above all, the lack of conversation with natives.

Finding a person with whom to do a tandem, that is, a language exchange is a great idea. Listening to the pronunciation of words with the correct accent, learning their correct placement and knowing how to use everyday expressions is essential to learn a language.

A tandem can have the duration that the participants want, but normally half the time will be spoken in the language of your native partner and the other half will be spoken in your language. Normally with the tandem new friendships arise, so that with the passage of time the conversations relax and become much more fluid.

Use learning apps on your Smartphone

In addition to the platforms created for PC, in recent years we have seen an increase in applications for Smartphone with which to learn Japanese. What is its usefulness? You can use them at any time of the day, such as in the subway on the way to work or anywhere. Now you have no excuse to take advantage of the dead time.

Travel and, if you can, live an experience abroad

Traveling and confronting a different situation with native people is how faster a language is learned. And remember that everything counts, both short stays of a couple of days and longer stays of several weeks or months. If your stay is several weeks, take advantage of and take a language course at the destination.

In any case, we will only achieve an effective linguistic immersion if we do our part to meet native people and adapt to their way of life. Do not forget to go to coffee shops, visit museums, stroll through its streets … In short: immerse yourself in the culture of the language you want to learn.

Be constant

One of the most common problems when it comes to learning Japanese is laziness or lack of perseverance. If you really want to learn a language you have to get into it and dedicate a fixed number of hours per week. Do not skip them or, if it is impossible, recover them later. And if you go to classes, do not think that with that is enough to learn a language. To get the most out of it, spend more hours at home and review everything you’ve learned.

And finally, a final advice that is absolutely essential for learning Japanese.

Do not be discouraged

It happens a lot in the case of English. This language brings the Spaniards head-on and in a large part of the cases it is because they study more by obligation than by pleasure. Do not be discouraged if you see that you do not advance at the pace you would like or if you have studied it for many years and do not see results. If you try hard and dedicate the necessary time, in the end you will achieve your goal, we are sure!