Tips on Picking the Right Ergonomic Computer Mouse


From preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to making you comfortable, everyone knows how beneficial an ergonomic computer mouse is. However, that doesn’t in any way mean you can purchase one without taking some things into consideration. A lot of people have made bitter complaints about how an ergonomic computer mouse caused great discomfort. Sounds weird right? How do you pick the right ergonomic computer mouse perfect for you? Here are some tips to guide you in picking the most suitable ergonomic mouse.

  • The Cost: The prices of ergonomic mice vary from as low as $10 to $600! You should decide on the amount of money you can afford to spend on a This enables you to check out only the features of mice within your budget range.
  • The Size: The size should be the first feature to consider when choosing an ergonomic computer mouse. There are different ergonomic mice of varying sizes on the market. Therefore, do not go for design over comfort. The best size of computer ergonomic mouse you can buy is one that has a medium size. You might end up straining the muscles of your hand if a mouse is too large, and your hand folds when using a small mouse. However, a medium-sized ergonomic computer mouse is just perfect for your comfort.
  • Accurate Cursor Movement: Performing some actions on the computer require accurate cursor movement. Accurate movement of the cursor is almost impossible with a large mouse. Most ergonomic computer mice are made for your hand to rest on and will come in a large size. This gives you difficulty when trying to move your mouse. Hence, to ensure accurate cursor movement, pick a mouse that doesn’t fill your entire hands.
  • Wireless Ergonomic Computer Mouse: Picking a wireless mouse is also an important tip you should take note of. A USB ergonomic mouse comes with restrictions, leading to shoulder pains and discomfort. A wireless ergonomic computer mouse, on the other hand, increases your comfort by enabling you to use it from any angle, and any position you desire.
  • Ambidextrous Mouse: An ambidextrous mouse allows you to switch hands at any time. One of the sources of pain and discomfort for the wrist is using the same hand all day long. An ergonomic computer mouse that can be used with either of the hands has the same shape on both sides.
  • DPI Setting: The Dot Per Inch enables you to adjust a mouse’s sensitivity. Some ergonomic mouse does not have this feature. With a DPI setting, you can slow or increase the movement of the pointer to suit the task at hand. Hence, always pick an ergonomic computer mouse with a DPI setting.
  • The Stability: When considering the type of mouse to purchase, it’s always best to check for stability. Some mice are difficult to lift from one position to another. However, a mouse with a stable base enables you to change its position easily.
  • Customizable Buttons: You can customize the buttons of some ergonomic mouse to your taste. It’s another great feature that is certain to make you comfortable.
  • Battery Life: When picking an ergonomic computer mouse, you should make certain it’s one you don’t have to recharge frequently. Mice with auto-sleep function are very good at conserving battery power.