Tips to Help You Get Back to Work after a Vacation with Minimum Stress


If you’re like most people who love to go on vacation, explore new places and relax by the sea, doing nothing is something you might look forward to. With so many places in India to explore, it can be challenging to cover all of it at one go.

Careful planning is essential to enjoy your vacation without worries. If you’re too busy at work, you can purchase customized tour packages that are all-inclusive. There are Kerala tour packages, north India tours and more that you can book easily with a reputed travel agency. Booking tour packages ensure that your trip is planned seamlessly and you return refreshed, and not exhausted or upset.

By following the below-mentioned tips, it would become easier for you to avoid stress during and after the trip.

Make a list of the Projects you are currently working on

Since you will be out of the office for a while, you might miss out on essential details once you come back. So, before you leave, list down all the different projects that you are working on along with their current status. No matter how small the details might be, writing down everything will help you tackle the different tasks strategically once you are back.

Also, create a priority list based on what work you want to complete first when you return. It will give you a jump start and build your confidence since you will know exactly what to do.

Delegate Things that Cannot Wait

Even though you might be relaxing on a beach in Kerala, there might be tasks that need to be done no matter what. Instead of worrying about it, you should delegate the task to your co-workers. There is no shame in seeking help from your co-worker when on vacation. They can provide support to clients who might need assistance during your absence. In return, you can do so when they are on vacation, so the benefit is mutual. Make sure that you provide clear instructions on what needs to be done.

Set an ‘On Vacation’ Office Email and Voicemail Message

It is best to create an ‘on-vacation’ auto-responder message for your email. It is the best way to let others know that you are out on vacation and may not be able to respond quickly. Most of the email service providers have the option of using auto-responders for free. Irrespective of whether you check your email or not while on vacation, people will know that you will not be able to communicate. Alternatively, make it a habit to respond to work emails at the end of the day.

Give Yourself a Buffer Day before Joining Work Again

Once you have returned from vacation, avoid joining your work the very next day. Keep a day or two buffer in between so that you get a chance to get back to your normal routine with ease. Once you return from vacation, there will be a lot of things you will need to catch up on other than your work. A free day will help you get things done around the house, such as laundry, grocery shopping, or even catch up on sleep before you resume your professional commitments.

Create a Work Calendar you can Handle

Avoid setting up important meetings right after you join work. Avoid packing the first few days with essential tasks that will need a lot of your attention. You want to be prepared for the meetings, so if you have any meetings set up right after coming from vacation, check if it is possible for you to postpone them for the next week.

Organize Your Desk once You Return

When you return to work, chances are your desk will be filled with post-it notes and paper works that need attention. Give yourself some time to get organized so that you know exactly where to start.

To de-stress and maintain your sanity, all it needs is a little planning. Remember that just because you are going on a vacation does not mean you need to spend more time at work once you return. Stress is a state of mind that would overwhelm you if you keep on feeling guilty for taking time out for yourself. It is a common problem with young executives these days. Instead, focus on completing the work with renewed energy and a calm mind and better more, plan the next trip on the sidelines.