Titan V: What it has to offer?



Recently NVIDIA has revealed the fast gaming graphics card on the plants. Yes, I am talking about the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN V which is proudly vowed by engineers at NVIDIA to be termed as Most Powerful PC GPU Ever Created!

You might be wondering what makes it so great so let’s take you to a short visit comprising of what Titan V has to offer!

Sleek design:

Usually as all other NVIDIA flagship cards, Titan V also comes with a wonderful design as well as a handsome exterior. You will fall in love with it in the first sight! Sleek, delicate and heart; all requisites of a lovely graphics card!

Leaderboard specifications

Titan V is equipped with brand new NVIDIA Volta architecture in a combination with 12 GB HBM2 memory which is also a new feature after GDDR5 VRAMs. It is supported by 640 Tensor Cores paired with the regular 5120 Cuda cores enabling it to perform at 110 TeraFLOPS.

The rest is all history after Titan V is launched!

AI Optimization with NVIDIA VOLTA

With the advent of a new era of AI, NVIDIA Titan V is powered by NVIDIA Volta technology that will ignite a revolution the every field. With such high quality and detailed imaging, the Virtual Ready displays especially those in self driven vehicles will go up to a whole next level.

Gamers? Afford it or Leave it!

To be honest it is something quite expensive to be used for gaming purposed. Hardcore gamers? I am sorry you can go on and spend 3000$ to enjoy the very best gaming experiences. And guess what, Titan Xp can also offer similar gaming experiences that too for 1800$ cheaper.

No you certainly can’t judge it on the basis of today’s games. I am not kidding but it is meant to be the graphics card for decades to come. There is no SLI for now because your present gaming needs are all fulfilled by this big monster. Just fit it and enjoy.

For rest, live as long to see the Virtual Reality (VR) revolution in gaming! Only then you will be able to witness how big a giant Titan V actually is.

Pricing and Availability

You can just go to NVIDIA official website and buy it for 2,999$ that too with free shipping services and a limit of 2 orders per customer! We highly recommend you to get it now!

What is said about Titan V in this article, it is too less. You just have no idea the kind of innovation this GPU has brought in the chain of graphics card.

A monster by size and an equally huge beast in terms of performance, Titan V is what I will buy when I can afford it! Haha

If you can buy it now, don’t lose time man!