To account terror and intrude complaints Nacta (The National Counter Terrorism Authority) has erected 1717 helpline.


ISLAMABAD: It was expounded by Nacta (The National Counter Terrorism Authority) to constitute a dexterous telephone line extension to narrate terror and comprehend complaint.

All the citizens are instructed and appealed by the Interior Ministry that to notify fundamentally activities are being held near to you any exclude activity or any suspicious person is being lived near to you or insight your eyes, whether or not any witness is found, quickly promulgate versus him/her.

Further, It was voiced by Interior Ministry that 1717 emergency helpline is in order 24/7 for you by the state of the art system.

Immense actions are being initialized by the government after the beast massacre of the innocent
children and other concerned staff of the Army Public School, Peshwar, which has been proved the most worst brutal attack in the history.

All the political and national stakeholders have agreed in contact with National action plan hence country contra terrorism, Creating the courts of military observe terrorists, has been incipient declared the valuable inside of regards.

The TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) prevailed in the annals of Pakistan the most shocked attack on 16th December, Mostly 140 artless & naive children, teachers & other faculty of the Army Public School in Peshawar were lost their lives and been the hunts of the Terrorists TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan).

The unity has been manifested by National and Political parties which were the beginning step taken to knock out terrorism inside Pakistan. The prime minister of Pakistan declared death penalty in the cases of the terrorism.