To keep the computer cool drops of water gushing jump


Computer or smartphone, they must be kept constantly cold, US experts have made a small vapor chamber cooling electronic chips is gushing water vapor from moving.

Duke University scientists of China Chavan have said, “cooling computers to high-speed electrical devices through this system can be powerful, durable and electric vehicles.” So I will not be cool is if electrical appliances their capacity is affected, when they start to slow down and become unstable.

Small water drops under the new system they exclude minor energy when they meet together. If the level drops surface area will help reduce the need for the low energy spread. If the laying down of the circuit when the circuit somehow pushes away the drops of energy it takes to jump the energy drops really jumping. These are the same way to clean myself on some animals, such as CKD.

In this technology-rich humidity is kept below a sponge-like material electrical system. The moisture is evaporated and flies a computer or mobile phone on a warm place and put pressure on the anti-water / water pushed down the sponge (Hydro funk) level. Water to a steam system temperature is out there. Then water drops on them and forcing Hydro funk layer jump jumping again and again they are caught in the sponge and continue.

One advantage of this new cooling system is that it can be carried out in any direction and take the temperature in the portrait. According to Duke University experts how electronic devices are most effective and better than the conventional ways to keep cool. But now they are working on new and better ways.