Today is last day of Sims Biometric Verification.


KARACHI: Today is last day of Sims biometric verification after which all unverified Sims will be blocked, PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority cleared the tactics of Sims verification for overseas Pakistanis, Consequently to Pakistan Telecom Authority that quantity of mobile phone users all over the country is 10 Crore and 30 Lacs biometric first stage was been completed in recent month, while today is last day of second and last stage, in contract with first stage 77 Lac Sims were blocked which was not verified, rather out of tomorrow series of others Sims blocking will be commenced.

The way for the overseas Pakistanis has been also cleared by Pakistan Telecom Authority, under which likewise Sims are being used in Pakistan, and theirs’ owners are in foreign, these users are instructed that they gave ownership of Sims to others family member’s names, Except that such Sims are being worked overseas in contract with international roaming inside of Afghanistan, regarding to their owners information’s Sms and by the Nadra’s record will be temporary comprehended in verified Sims, such kind of temporary verify Sims will be block next year on 31-March by biometric system in case that are not properly verified.