Tony Blair apologized for Iraq war and removal of Saddam


LONDON: Tony Blair apologized for Iraq war and removal of Saddam. Hereinafter the long period of 12 years the Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair required pardon for the Iraq war and “Removal of Saddam”.

For the very first time it was accepted by Tony Blair when he was being given an interview to an American TV Channel that removal of Saddam Hussain was a big mistake and after which in the Extremist Party “Daesh” there is a part of his hand.

It was further added by him that I apologize for the fact that we received intelligence information that were totally wrong, and I apologize on it that in the planning some mistakes were taken place.

We failed to know it that in Iraq after the removal of Government what will be the outcome when will the Iraq war was the main reason for the development of Iraq.

It was further added by Tony Blair that out of sight us who removed Saddam Hussain from Government they are responsible for the birth of Daesh. Earlier this, another British News Site was also revealed the prediction of this secret agreement in which the Former President of America George W. Bush and I planned to attack in contract with Iraq collectively.

While it was further said by Tony Blair to British citizens that he will just find a diplomatic solution of this problem and that’s why he is being tried and strived.

It was further added by Tony Blair in an interview which he was giving to an American TV that he must be forgiven because he was ignorant of it that hereinafter the removal of the Government of Saddam Hussain in Iraq what would be the results of it.

It is cleared that before it Tony Blair has been refused several times to apologize to Iraq for the war. It was said by him in 2004 that Iraq conflict will not ask forgiveness because I think that he was a right step.