Top 10 Big online Retailers that Permit Coupon Stacking in 2018



The use of coupons to save money on shopping is relatively common in stores. Shoppers take advantage of multiple coupons in a single checkout to ensure that they save as much money as they are allowed to. Otherwise known as coupon stacking, the scenario is rare when it comes to online stores. While you can find a wide range of online coupons it would also do you a lot of good to find out the biggest online retailers that allow you to save your hard-earned money through the use of multiple coupon codes.


While there is no exact specifications on the number of coupons you can use for a single purchase, CVS allows coupon stacking. You can pay much less than the original price through the use of more than one coupon code. Thus, you should not let the opportunity slip away from your hands the next time you shop at CVS.


Two coupons can be used on Target. You can use a combination of the manufacturer’s and the store’s coupon. The Target RedCard enables savings of up to 5% on a single order. In addition, you can get free shopping.


One of the most generous online stores, Kohl’s allows the use of up to 4 coupon codes on one order. You can get as much as 20% sliced off the original price. Further, you can get free shipping.


One of the biggest online stores, Amazon permits coupon stacking. You can use more than one coupon on a single deal so long as they are eligible for the combination. However, there is no specified number of the coupons that can be used together.

Dollar General

Dollar General allows a combination of two coupons: the manufacturers and the store’s. According to its policy, one manufacturer coupon and one of the store coupons can be combined. However, the use of 2 manufacturer coupons on a single purchase is not permitted.

Victoria’s Secret

The online store provides three promotion codes to its customers.  This means that you can save your money for up to 3 times in a single order. In addition, the store applies any code that is eligible for an order when the buyer forgets to do so.

Banana Republic

According to the retailer’s site, multiple promotion codes can be used on a single order. You can, for example, get a certain percentage of the price sliced off and still get free shipping. Nevertheless, some promotion codes are incompatible with each other.


The store allows one of its coupons and one coupon from the manufacturer for a single item. According to its policy, the number of items in a particular transaction should not be less than the number of coupons provided by the manufacturers. In addition, the original amount (of meant to be paid for a transaction) should not be less than the combined coupon value.


Owned by Gap Inc., Gap is a sister store to the Banana Republic, Athleta and Old Navy. It allows the use of up to five coupon codes in a single checkout. However, not all codes can be combined.

Family Dollar

Like several other stores, Family Dollar permits a combination of manufacturer and store coupons. According to its coupon stacking policy, only one coupon from the manufacturer and the store can be used in a single order. The store accepts duplicate coupons in a single purchase on condition that there is an item for each coupon.

Final Thoughts

You should not pay more than you really have to for items purchased online. Coupon stacking is a perfect way of saving money spent on shopping. For a perfect combination, ensure that you check out the terms in order to find out which coupons are compatible and which are not.