Top 10 Healthcare Technology Apps Changing Lifestyle



Inour busy day to day lives, people hardly find time to look into their own health. Running behind deadlines and meetings, they skip important health checkups and health recommendations. The 2013 Civil Registration data which was released by the Census Director reveals the alarming fact that around 27% of Indians die due to lack of medical attention at the time of death. Also, the fact that healthcare in India is costlier adds to the odds of people wanting to spend their money on Health Check-ups. Althoughfew platforms like messymob help people to know and collect information about their daily needs such as Insurance, Technology and Lifestyle. Founded in 2017, messymob shares truthful information about almost all major sectors that one needs to know.

With growing technology, no field has been yet untouched by it. Healthcare is one of the few industries that have seen great dramatic changes bythe tremendous technological developments in the last 20 Years. Few of the specific ways that technology has changed healthcare for the good are listed below:

  • Portability: Portability of medical instruments has been long sought by many leading nations and these technological developments have found a solution to this. Medical providers now provide great knowledge to their patients about diseases and their cures.
  • Faster Cures: In earlier centuries, it is said that around more than a thousand would die even before the cause of the disease is found but with the technological growth cures for the diseases are found much faster than time taken in the older times.
  • Data Management: Most practical and need-of-the-hour requirement was managing and compiling the records of patients and their medical history. Now, with mobile phones and cloud storage, an enormous amount of data and history can be stored about one’s entire medical condition.
  • Mobile Application: Development of health-related mobile apps has been gradually increasing in the past few years. Tracking sleep records to monitoring health rate, everything is possible with healthcare and technology.

Thus, technology, when combined with healthcare, has almost brought a revolution in the global market and has changed the situation to the brighter side.Below listed are Top 10 medical apps that have changed human lifestyle drastically:

  • Practo

Practo, founded by Abhinav Lal, Shashank ND does the work of providing solutions for healthcare consumers and providers. Headquartered at Bangalore, Practo helps users to browse through various doctors for various needs and hence book appointments, at the consumer’s location. Having a wide network around the globe they are active in about 35 Indian Cities, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

  • Attune

India based startup Attune provides Cloud-based healthcare information. Raising around INR 66 Crores from Qualcomm Ventures, attune has an interface with about 1100 devices globally and also Attune has 220 clients globally.

  • Relisys

Hyderabad based startup Relisys manufactures angiographic catheters and stent systems to treat diseases like structural heart disease, cardiovascular and peripheral vascular strokes.

  • 1mg

A Web Portal that supports for Android and IOS users allows customers find medical drugs at cheaper rates and also the company delivers them in about 7 Cities of India.

  • Lybrate

Online Consultation Platform, powered by Tata Groups allows patients to talk to more than lakh healthcare providers including Ayurveda and homoeopathy in about 30 Indian Cities.

  • Goqii

Global Company Goqii provides personalized coaching subscriptions in a variety of packages that start from INR3999.

  • Doctor On Demand

Doctor on Demand is an app that lets the customer connect to certified doctors in your area to find cures for minor medical issues like flu, depression and skin irritations.

  • Portea

Providing In-home health care services in around 25 Indian Cities and Malaysia, this company offers Medical Equipment for rent.

  • NetMeds

Licensed Online Pharmacist, Netmeds offers prescription medications and healthcare accessories in India. Also, does it cover villages including up to Tier 3 Cities

  • Epocrates

Best app for Medical Practitioners as it stores a directory of drug prescription data, pill identification techniques and all essential data a doctor must know about.


Hence, such apps are practical proof that technology has changed and altered the medical industry and healthcare for the greater good.  And with so many Tech Blogs in India, the Indian public can find numerous answers to their entire question in the internet itself. But however, it is greatly advised and recommended that people pay more attention to their health and take proper care of their body in order to live a long healthly and prosperous life with their loved ones.