Top 10 tallest football players in the world


Football is a king sport that has gained a lot of popularity since the earliest times. The history of the football world brings not only exciting games but also many talented soccer players to the general public. 

Typically, these footballers make international fans amazed by their technique, strength, and height. Height plays a vital role in helping those football players succeed in a match regardless of their position. From strikers to goalkeepers, they all need height. No doubt, visit website to see live football. 

In this article, let me introduce you to the list of the tallest football players all over the world. Scroll down to find out. 

1. Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch, born in 1981, plays for the English Premier League. In his career, he has faced many both big and small opponents such as Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Liverpool. He currently wears the Tottenham Hotspur club shirt. 

As a striker, Peter Crouch is famous for his spectacular catches of the ball. Normally, just by looking at the figure of a tall person on the field, the fans can easily recognize this football player. 

His height is up to 2,01m. It is not surprising when Peter Crouch is one of the top 10 players in the world.

2. Nikola Zigic 

Nikola Zigic’s position is the pillar striker of the Birmingham City club. This talented footballer has worn Serbia’s national team shirt 53 times with 20 wonderful goals. 

Nikola Zigic has a height of 2,02m. In addition, he was one of the highest football players in the world to receive the title of the best football player in Serbia in 2003, 2005, and 2006.

3. Stefan Maierhofer 

Stefan Maierhofer, as a striker, is among the top 10 tallest football players in the world with a height of 2,02m. In 2005, this 1982 footballer joined Bayern Munich. However, he was not appointed to a relevant post in Spain. Hence, he returned to his native Austria and was a soccer player under Red Bull Salzburg in 2011. Until now, Stefan Maierhofer is still doing well in his homeland.

4. Paolo Acerbis 

Paolo Acerbis is an Italian goalkeeper who is playing for the Serie D club Tritium. Although his performance is not very sublime, it is the height of this footballer that has helped him catch the ball successfully. Paolo Acerbis has an impressive height of 2,02m. Also, this 1981 goalkeeper receives a lot of love from several international fans.

5. Oyvind Hoas

It will be a mistake if we miss Oyvind Hoas in the list of the highest football players in the world. This striker is participating in the football development career of the Sarpsborg 08 FF Club in Norway. 

He has an ideal height of 2,03m, which is suitable for attacking and terrifying many opponents. With the advantage of height, a striker can show all his techniques and play through the ball after a fixed situation. However, this lanky football player does not really promote his ability to succeed in his career.

6. Zarko Markovic

Born in 1987, Zarko Markovic is a Serbian national whose position is a potential defender. He currently joins Radnik Surdulica. Thanks to his height, Zarko Markovic also maximizes his danger in a corner. 

With the height of 2,04m, Zarko Markovic is at the top of the highest footballer in the world, which makes his name more famous.

7. Tor Hogne Aaroy 

Tor Hogne Aaroy comes from the Norwegian. He used to play as a striker at Japan’s second-tier club JEF United. He had an unstable performance because of his relatively high age but still persevered with his football career. Aaroy not only has ideal height, but he also shows his agility, the ability to score goals very quickly, and accurately every match. 

The most outstanding thing in Aaroy’s career is that he has joined in 242 matches and has scored 90 goals for ten years in Aalesund Club. Thanks to the height of 2,04m, Tor Hogne Aaroy is in the top 10 tallest footballer players in the world. 

8. Vanja Ivesa 

The Croatian goalkeeper is playing for NK Opatija. He used to have a glorious period, but now his career is quite flattering. During the time playing for Eskisehir sport Club in the Turkish league, this 1977 footballer did not leave much impression in the hearts of fans.

However, he is still remembered when he became one of the highest soccer players in the world, with a height of 2,05m. 

9. Yang Changpeng 

Bringing the Asian bloodline which is not inherently a gene with a remarkable height, but Yang Changpeng is another particular situation. A lot of opponents admit they are dumbfounded in this tall striker in the list of top 10 tallest football players in the world. 

Currently, Yang Changpeng has been a member of Henan Jianye in the China Super League. This lanky striker has helped the club have good attack power. However, his football career is quite faint and has not achieved much success despite his height of 2,05m. 

10. Kristof Van Hout

A popular giant of the football world that we must mention is Kristof Van Hout. With the astonishing height of 2,08m, Van Hout is widely known as the tallest goalkeeper as well as the tallest football player in the world. 

The lanky soccer player is currently playing for Westerlo in the Proximus League. Thanks to his height, he does not need to jump to catch the incoming corners. 

Final words

Above are the tallest football players in the world that are listed out based on their real height. Despite their outstanding height, not every footballer has a successful career. 

Who is your favourite football player on this list? Do you think this information is exact? If yes, share this article to the general public!