Top 3 Best Highest Paying URL shortener Sites 2019



Did you ever tried using these Sites in college days or schooling days. Then notice the things which are mentioned here and check what are the things happening in the market. Never be worried about getting into a scam sites which doesn’t gives you money and provides fake information about  real URL shortener site.

I used to do the things in a different manner when these ideas crack on my mind. I hope this is the Best Chance for all the youngsters to prove themselves in a real-time world. Take this method as a challenge to increase your bank balance. I hope you didn’t try this before on your Laptop or Desktop. Then don’t worry this is a very safe work which gives you wealth.

This is not only the option to get the silver coins into your pockets but take this as a golden chance which can add you a secondary source of income. Before leaving this article make sure that you ask yourself what you are looking for? and jump into this wonderful sites which can help you to change the coinage and improve your capital in the easy manner.

How to create your own Shorten URL link

Have you ever created a Gmail account or a facebook account in your life? These site also allows the user to create their own things in an easier manner without asking any personal details. You can also try using your friends shared links which help them get capital and gives you a chance to start an additional source of income with simple steps.

I am sure that once after trying this method you will never stop digging the mine for gold and diamonds in your life. These sites really shorten your URL and pay you the money which is out of your own sharing links. Stop looking for other ways to crack this thing and start the right way to overcome the situations that comes in the mid way.

How to Earn Money using Highest Paying URL shortener Sites

Generally my friends used to say me that this thing is very simple than learning the coding language and do a software job. I think you may be aware of Bitcoin mining which added the extra source of income to many people apart from their daily works. But the thing is you need to first struggle hard by sitting in front of Laptops or Desktops to create a mansion that gives you Gold Coins throughout your life.

Even I tried using these Shorten URL links and Earned money which I can call it as my Passive Income Idea. This is one of the Best and Easiest way to make extra money in our life. Once after listening to this idea, I have never looked back and started creating my own URL links and Earned special points into my wallet.

After creating an account on this URL shortener Site, the user can share his shorten url on other sites and forums. The user will get paid whenever a visitor clicks on the link or the Shorten URL link which you have provided on other sites. It also allows the user to Earn Referral Bonus by inviting friends using your own link.

The site list which is given below are very safe to use and will definitely pay you the money for referring and shortening the URL link. These sites are used all over the world and recommended by the professionals to earn money easily. Apart from given list of URL Shortener sites, you can also find many sites in the market but these are the Best Sites on our research.

List of URL Shortener Sites

  1. Linksop

Linksop is one of the Best Site which has very easy User Interface on its official site. It definitely pays the user whenever visitor clicks on the link and allows the user to shorten the URL link with easy manner. Linksop is providing the user to Earn $25 for every 1000 views and also has a option to Refer Friends and Receive 20% of their Earnings every time. There are No Pop-up Ads comes out of this site which is the best part for all the users. Also check other like Urlty that is same for this.

  1. Clicksfly

Clicksfly is another Best URL Shortener site which has a similar Payout Rates when compared to Linksop. It allows the user to Join the site by registering for free and Earn Money on every link you shorten and share which is up to $150 per every 10000 views. This is also very safe to use and provides 3 simple steps to Earn money online.

  1. ULS.FUN

ULS.FUN is the site which has best payment methods for every user all over the world. The Withdraw of money can be made using PayPal, Payza, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and other Bank Transfers. It has 6,924 New persons, 68,680 Total URLs and 970,868 Total number of clicks from all over the world.