Top 3 Best Sports Games on Sony Playstation 4 and Other Platforms


A sports simulator is the best option for those who value a competitive moment in video games. This rating will tell what games you should choose. The selection includes 3 cults, the coolest sports simulators for every taste. Also, you can check more cool sports information such as livescore.

FIFA 19 – Why Does It Hit the Rating?

Cool sports simulator for football lovers. Naturalistic gameplay and innovations that were not in the previous parts are the reason for the popularity of the project.

  • Design and tournaments are closely related to the Champions League. For example, there is the European League and the Super Bowl. You can go through the tournament from its group stage to the final.
  • Compared to previous parts of the Fifa series, 19 has become even more realistic. And the point is not so much in the schedule itself, but also in new opportunities. So, the developers have introduced a new tactical system: you can use several schemes at once and change tactics right during the gameplay.

UFC 3 – Why Do We Advise to Play?

The third part of the famous series is a console game for fans of fighting game. To become the best and earn the title of champion, gamers will have to try.

The simulator entered this rating due to cool parameters: the game has good graphics and physics: the movements are accurate and smooth, realistic.

  • The main innovation in the series of games is career mode. Moreover, pumping a character is not so commonplace: there is freedom of choice – the course of events depends on the decisions made by the player.
  • The career path in the game will have to be really from scratch: the gamer initially plays the WFA, not the UFC. But when the character is recognized by the head of the UFC, then you have to play like an adult: new opportunities and unexpected opponents – all this will be.
  • Everything is as in life. Outside of battles, except for posts on social networks and streaming, the player can do whatever he wants. The entire career path to the championship title is divided into several months. At the end of each – a battle with an opponent. Of course, in order to win, it is better to train in your free time.

STEEP: THE X GAMES PASS – the Perfect Game

A chic game with elaborate graphics and physics allows you to better feel extreme sports and makes skiing competitions even more fun. You can ride not only by the rules but also freestyle, and three additions make the sports simulator even cooler.

Each game project included in this rating can rightfully be considered the best sports simulator. It is difficult to recommend a specific game from the collection: it all depends on the sport that the gamer prefers. In terms of platforms, the games from the list give relative freedom: there are no exclusives at the top, but there are options that go only on the console.