Top 4 Best Car Tires Innovation That Can Change the Future



Throughout the century, new car tire innovation is getting better and better. The innovation is needed in order to achieve a better result in driving. You can visit this page to get more information about wheel and steering control

4 Best Innovation Car Tires

Here is some car tire innovation that can change the future.

The charging tire

BH03 is a tire code produced by the famous tire company Goodyear in 2015. The materials of the tire create an electric surge through the car. The electricity is created from the friction of the tire material and the road when the car is in the usual driving situation. The main target of this tire is to be used on electric vehicles to increase their electric generating ability and rolling resistance. But as the time goes on, there is no great news about the tire for some time so a lot of people expect Goodyear to fully develop the tire into perfection.

The non-pneumatic and airless tire

Three years ago, the tire company Hankook break the tire world with their concept tire that has no air pressure, similar to those in Formula racing. The airless car tire is designed for conventional car uses and Hankook tried to develop this tire so it can work well, better than the standard tire.

The iFlex is the codename of the tire and the company has put the tire into some rigorous tests to push the tire into its limit. Hankook uses five indicators in order to set the standard of the airless tire. The indicators are stability, durability, hardness, slalom, and speed.

The air cleaner tire

A tire that can clean air seems impossible but Goodyear makes a breakthrough by creating a moss-plated tire. The moss will help the tire to absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. This is a great breakthrough especially for city cars because the pollution in the city usually has a high level compared to other areas. The living moss is growing within the sidewall of the tire. Aside from carbon dioxide, the tire also absorbs the moist on the road and can photosynthesis to generate power and operate its artificial intelligence electronic.

The adaptive tire

An adapting tire will be useful to almost any type of cars, especially if the car is used in the four-season countries. A big tire company, Continental, creates an adapting tire with a name ContiAdapt. It’s not as crazy changing a whole tire model like from off-road to on-road tire. The ContiAdapt is able to adjust the air pressure to tackle any street condition.

The system on the tire can tell the condition of the road, enabling the tire to adjust the air pressure based on the road condition. The harder the tire, the better its performance in wet condition. Although the recommended pressure is 30 to 35 psi, the tire will be able to inflate or deflate according to the road humidity and temperature.

The four-tire innovation above is great for the future driving experience. Each of them is currently developed by each tire manufacturer, although not all of the development is continued. A lot of people are hoping that this new car tire innovation will become reality and improve the future driving experience.