Top 5 Best Left Footed Players In The World – It’s No Surprise With The Last One


Nowadays, it’s not rare to see left-footed soccer players all around the world. There are more and more magical lefties in the football world who bring miracle and excitement to audiences. They are always different from the rest of the world but are very attractive to watch. To not miss any moment of all the football live matches, you can visit Who are the best left-footed players now? Let’s together see the top 5 best left-footed players in the world, and we bet you won’t be surprised by the last one. 

#5 Marcelo

The Brazilian superstar Marcelo has now become the world-class left-back of all time, no matter how many great side-backs are out there. His left foot is merely incredible. 

Loyal guard of Real Madrid – Marcelo/

Even though Marcelo is a defender, he’s great at attacking and offense. He plays intelligently and trickily but very skillfully like many Samba dancers. He is a real threat to the opponent’s defensive lines as he could attack very well thanks to his fast pace, agility, and explosive ability.

Marcelo is also a great dribbler that he can easily cross over the opponent and accelerate 1-on-1. His left foot makes the opponents feel challenging to get and stop him as it’s too fast and technical. Besides, he works well in the defensive line with his solidarity, focus, and accuracy, which makes him perfect left-back.

The 31-year old defender has been serving for Real Madrid for more than a decade and is one of the most loyal players of Los Blancos. He is also considered to be the deserving descendant of Roberto Carlos, who was a legendary left-back of the Royal football club. 

It seems like Marcelo has been spending his whole career for Real Madrid and achieved many precious titles with the club. He was one of the main factors to help win three consecutive Champions League Cups for Los Blancos, four La Liga titles, two Copa del Rey cups, and other big and small trophies. 

#4 Angel di Maria

No matter you agree or not, Di Maria is still one of the best wing attackers in the world. Though the Argentine winger had some of the criticism from both football fans and pundits, his talent and his magical left foot are undeniable. 

While the Argentine superstar was flourishing brightly in Real Madrid, no one could imagine his departure to Manchester United with the very first disappointing season. He spent four seasons in Real Madrid with a total of six trophies: one La Liga title, one Champions League Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, two Copa del Rey cups, and one Supercopa de España. 

He has super speed with stunning acceleration. He is one of the few players to dribble rapidly with the left foot and has the fantastic explosive ability. Di Maria is the nightmare of every side-back due to his excellent skills and techniques. He can both cross over the opponents and cross in for teammates to score inside the penalty box. 

Di Maria is also a great striker as he can fire a rocket from a distance. Now, the Argentina superstar enjoys playing in PSG and becomes an indispensable part of the club. He has achieved many titles here: three Ligue 1 titles, three Coupe de France Cups, three coupe de la Ligue Cups, and three Super Cups. 

#3 Gareth Bale

Alongside MU’s legendary left-footed Ryan Giggs, Gareth Bale is the one to make Wales proud of. His brightest chapter was when he moved to Real Madrid with the highest record transfer fee for a footballer at that time, and he didn’t disappoint fans at all. 

Bale has got a stunning left foot that can score from a long distance outside the penalty box. He can also dribble well and fast that not many defenders can catch up. His free-kick ability is also fantastic and sometimes compared with those of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. 

However, his long injuries have affected much of his career and hampered his development in Los Blancos. Since the departure of Ronaldo, the scoring duty is now on Bale’s shoulders that he has no way but to step up and regain the best form. 

#2 Mohamed Salah

It seems like the time with Liverpool has been the most glorious time of Mohamed Salah in his career. Indeed, right in the first season playing for the Red Merseyside, the Egyptian player achieved honor award “PFA Players’ Player of the Year” and also helped Liverpool advance to the Champions League final. 

It was not until 2019 that Salah could taste the victory in the Champions League after beating Tottenham Hotspur in the final. He also led the team to finish at the second place of Premier League table, where his club was just one point fewer than the Premier League champions Manchester City. 

Salah is the first and only Egyptian player in Liverpool to break many records. He scored a totally of 44 goals in his debut season for the Kop, which was higher than legendary Roger Hunt’s number (42 goals). 

He has an instinct of a hunter who shows up at the right time. He has an excellent left foot and handles the ball skillfully. He’s been developing under the management of Klopp and can still achieve more in the future. 

#1 Lionel Messi

No surprise! Lionel Messi is unarguably the best left-footed player in the world. He’s been spending the whole career for Barcelona and become the legend of the club. 

Messi has a magnificent left foot that can do everything: passing, scoring, crossing, and dribbling. He’s the master of controlling the ball and dribbling through the defensive line no matter how thick it is. Messi is simply the best in the football world. 

With Barca, the Argentine superstar has achieved a tremendous amount of titles and trophies. Let’s list some of the highlights here: ten La Liga titles, four Champions League Cups, six Copa del Rey Cups, five FIFA Ballon d’Or. Those are enough to tell that Messi is the best left-footed player in the world. 

In conclusion

Above is the list of top 5 best left-footed players in the world. As you can see, they are all talents with the magical left foot and stunning style of playing. Which one do you like? Let’s share your favorite players below.