In this article, we have gathered you the most profitable business ideas for beginners, with and without attachments. This is the most relevant and profitable business that will give you a stable income. Below we are going to talk about the Top 5 Best Small Business Opportunities for 2019:

1. Online Trading:

Online trading is now experiencing a period of rapid development, and the most popular type of startup is an online store. Demonstration and sale of goods take place on the store’s website, and then they are delivered to customers through courier services or mail. Shopping in online stores are attracted by more and more people, especially in the Middle Ages, and those who want to open a business that sells goods on the Internet are the most encouraging prospects. This format of stores does not need commercial flooring but solely depends on the site’s performance, usability and search engine marketing.

In order to open an online clothing store for women or children, it is necessary to have an initial capital of 200 thousand rubles, which will go to:

development, content, site support;

payroll administrators (and possibly couriers if they are part of company staff);

possibly bearing housing

purchase of products and their transportation.

For stores selling clothes and knitwear, business profitability comes to 20-25%. If you buy goods every month for more than 200 thousand rubles, you can expect a net profit of 40 thousand rubles. Given the active promotion of the store, competent assortment policy and successful selection of suppliers, such an enterprise will pay after 4-6 months from the time it was opened.

2. Street fast food.

Another popular type of small business is a small stationery store, engaged in the manufacture and sale of food and beverages fast food, primarily closed and classic sandwiches with original recipes, coffee and so on. D. From the usual shaver, my and hot dog, this type of fast food is high quality and a wide range, unusual components, and recipes, orientation to fans of a healthy lifestyle and vegetarians. During the crisis, revenues fall on cafes, restaurants and other traditional caterers, but fast food is gaining momentum, and many entrepreneurs are opening such a business.

Arranging points for sale of street fast food is best in places with high population and high traffic: near transport hubs, train stations, shopping malls and markets, educational institutions. Opening the company to sell fast food, stock up on start-up capital of at least 275 thousand rubles for rental of retail space, room purchase (which can be like a pavilion or kiosk, and mobile trailer), equipment acquisition (windows heated, refrigerator, oven, coffee machines, etc.). With daily revenue of about eight thousand monthly terms, sales of fast food sales will make up to 240 thousand rubles, and profitability in 30% of the business will pay off in less than six months of work.

3. Outsourcing company.

This type of business consists of offering third-party companies a range of services for a fee: legal support, accounting, and financial management, IT technical support and the use of a call center to accept orders. Outsourcing as a type of business is relatively new, its market is in the formation stage. During the crisis, more and more outsourcing companies are opening up as it is more difficult for companies to maintain all the necessary specialists in their state and the need for their services has not disappeared everywhere.

To open an outsourcing company, you need an initial capital of 550,000 rubles. The main costs in the first phase consisting of:

search, hiring and payment for services by qualified specialists in the selected field

Rent an office in the city center or another easily accessible location, repair and buy office furniture and all that is needed for work;

business advertising costs.

The most important thing about outsourcing is the high quality and completeness of the services provided, compliance with the deadlines, the responsibility for the result. Outsourcing companies usually do not have a single approved price list, as the cost of service is determined individually in each case and is prescribed in a special contract with the customer.

The catering business in the form of a city canteen is a more expensive and complicated business than a point of selling fast food, but in the long run, it is much more profitable. Budget canteens have a stable demand among various groups of the population, from students and workers in nearby companies to the passing tourists (if the dining room is located in the city center or near the sights). Even with a high saturation of the market with such catering companies, dining rooms still provide a stable profit. A very important role in this business is played by choice of premises: In addition to a successful location, it must meet a number of technical, hygienic and other requirements.

The starting capital required to open a canteen will be approx. one million rubles. This money is needed for:

rent a room, repair it, decorate halls for visitors;

selection, training, pay for staff

purchase and installation of necessary equipment and furniture.

The most suitable option is a dining room with a capacity of 50 people (however, it must be remembered that full loading is only possible on certain working days, the rest of the time it will be much smaller). In a year of stable operation, such a business will pay off when daily income reaches 25,000 rubles (excluding overheads) and it is possible with an average control of 200-300 rubles and a passability of 50-60%.

4. Courses, guidance.

Guidance was always relevant, even during the most crisis periods, and after the introduction of the USE – especially. Not all parents can afford to pay for a language school or special courses for preparing a child for use, but private tutors are quite uplifting (especially if the training is not individual but in small groups).

In addition to preparing students for exams, there are still a large number of training courses, training, and seminars for adults. To open your business in this area you do not need to rent a room, etc. – You can create online courses or conduct separate training events that rent for a few hours of suitable sites. However, such a business will require investment in advertising.

5. Save fixed prices.

In order to sell cheap everyday goods, the crisis has become a catalyst for success. Consumers are saving more and more and the fixed price format is attracting low prices. The range of such stores may include food, small household items, and cosmetics.

There are two options for starting such a business: Open a store alone or buy a franchise. Initial capital is required in the amount of no less than 700 thousand rubles that will be spent on:

payment of rent or rental of premises

purchase of commercial equipment

purchase of the first lot of goods

pay for staff.

For retailing locations, the position plays a major role. It is better to open a business in places with a large flow of people.

You can buy goods in China (if you do it directly, the cost will be record low).